Can Opay Receive Dollars in 2024? [A Simple Guide from TechSpike]

Can Opay Receive Dollars in 2024: Hello there! Today at, we’re diving into a question many of our readers have been asking: Can Opay receive dollars?

Can Opay Receive Dollars

This is a pretty important topic, especially for those who use Opay and deal with international transactions. So, let’s break it down in simple terms.

What is Opay?

First, a quick refresher on Opay. Opay is a versatile mobile payment service that’s gained popularity for its user-friendly approach. It’s designed to make financial transactions easy and accessible for everyone. From sending money to paying bills, Opay has become a go-to for many people.

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Without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the main question of the day!

Can Opay Receive Dollars?

Absolutely, Opay can receive dollars, thanks to its collaboration with Worldremit. This feature positions Opay as an invaluable resource for those engaged in international commerce or for individuals with family overseas.

Yet, it’s important to note that while Opay can accept dollars, it doesn’t hold them in that currency. The platform automatically converts any received dollars into Nigerian Naira, maintaining your balance in the local currency. So, for those wondering, “Can Opay store my dollars?”, the current answer is no.

This means when dollars are sent to your Opay account, they’re instantly converted to Naira at the existing market exchange rate.

Understanding this mechanism is crucial for Opay users contemplating international transactions. So, when you think about receiving dollars via Opay, remember how the conversion process works.

How to Receive Dollars with Opay

In discussing the capability of Opay to handle dollar transactions, it’s crucial to highlight the role of WorldRemit in this process. WorldRemit stands out as a modern solution for international money transfers, offering the convenience of sending money to over 150 countries via a smartphone or computer.

Understanding the collaboration between Opay and WorldRemit is key to comprehending how to receive dollars in Nigeria through Opay. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process:

  • The sender begins by choosing ‘Nigeria’ as the target country and selecting ‘Opay’ as the preferred payout method on the WorldRemit platform, which could be their app or website.
  • Next, they enter the desired amount to be sent.
  • The critical step involves inputting the recipient’s phone number, which acts as the identifier for the Opay account.
  • To complete the process, the sender clicks on “SEND”, initiating the transfer of funds to the specified Opay account.
  • Upon receiving the funds, Opay converts the dollar amount into Nigerian Naira at the current exchange rate and credits it to the recipient’s account.

This streamlined process significantly enhances the utility of Opay accounts, enabling users to receive international transfers directly, thus bridging the gap between local and global financial transactions.

Can Opay Receive Dollars – FAQs

Can I receive dollar in my Naira account?

Yes, you can receive foreign currencies in your normal naira account, but the bank is at liberty to fix the rate for you. For instance, if your client, family member, or friend were to send $150 into your naira bank account, the bank gets to decide how much naira you get for $150.

Which countries uses OPay?

OPay Digital Services Limited is a company founded by Opera Norway AS Group with footprints in emerging markets across Asia, Africa, and Latin America in countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan.

Can I use OPay card for international payment?

Yes, OPay ATM cards can be used both locally and internationally, allowing users to make payments and withdraw cash when traveling abroad.

Can OPay send money internationally?

Nigerian financial service technology company, OPay has announced a partnership with leading global digital payments platform WorldRemit, to offer international money transfers directly into OPay mobile wallets in Nigeria.

TechSpikes Conclusion on Can Opay Receive Dollars

To sum up, Opay has indeed expanded its services to include receiving dollars, thanks to its partnership with Worldremit. This is a big step for users engaged in international dealings or those with family overseas.

However, it’s important to note that while Opay can receive dollars, it doesn’t store them. Instead, the amount is automatically converted into Nigerian Naira at the prevailing exchange rate.

For now, if you’re looking to maintain a balance in dollars, Opay might not be the solution. But for straightforward conversions and receiving international payments, it’s a valuable tool. Keep an eye on Opay’s features as they continue to evolve in this global digital economy.

If you have any questions regarding this post, simply leave us a comment in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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  1. I really like to use opay for my given offered in Africa because is the online wallet application that is easy for everyone in Nigeria Africa as fer as you are using Android phone both the old women and old men is very easy for them to make use of that is why
    I want to use it for the given so that no
    Can be rip.

    1. Opay doesnt have a dorm account at the moment. So, what they will do is change the dollars into Naira at the official exchange rate and add it to your Naira account.

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